Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vocabulary in Science...a great strategy!

     I know I talk A LOT about FOSS on this blog, but I also LOVE Seeds of Science; Roots of Reading. (  I use two units in my fourth grade classroom - Planets and Moons and Weather.  My students and I love how they connect literacy to science in meaningful and enriching ways. 
     One of my favorite strategies is called "Science/Everyday Words".  In this strategy, you will make a class chart to record science content words and the "everyday" words that help our students connect to the word meaning.  For example:

Science Word
Everyday Word
Rain, sleet, or snow

I like to have a copy of the chart with the science words posted first and the everyday word side left blank.  As we go through the lesson or unit and we come to the word, we add them in. It seems to work really well and the kids make a connection.  In fact, it worked so well we use it in other content areas - like social studies, math and even reading. 

If you go to my documents link, there is a FREE PDF with the instructions and a blank worksheet to use as a model or even to give the students to keep track of the words as you go along. 

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. You never cease to amaze me, I am so proud to call you my colleague!!!

  2. I owe it all to you, Eric, Kip and Sherrie! Love you guys!