Thursday, August 18, 2011

Organization Tips!

     I know so many of us are at that point where we are counting down the minutes to the time school begins.  We have been shopping, thinking, and working in our rooms to make the classroom the most engaging and welcoming space imaginable.  Some things to consider when setting up you year in relation to science instruction:

  1. Do you have a space dedicated to housing ongoing science projects?  I call my place - The Science Spot!  Right now I have a title, a tray housing several shells and beach items, a magnifying glass and a small basket holding index cards.  This is the sign that is there lists the routines and procedures in very clear, detailed steps.   The students love is part of our morning routine and the projects stay up all year.  Sometimes they are my ideas, but usually as the year goes on...they become inquiry stations set up by the children. Mine is housed on the counter by my sink for two reasons.  One (obvious reason) is for easy clean up.  The second is because it is the first place they look when they walk in the room.

Another idea are the use of tool boxes.  I use small Rubbermaid containers with a lid on them to house my science tools.  I usually have my kids work in groups of four which traditionally means six groups.  So, I have made six tool boxes that hold:  magnifying glasses, measuring tape, six inch rulers and tweezers.  As the year goes on I will add other tools - such as beakers, graduated cylinders and thermometers.  That way they are always ready when the students need them.  Simple, efficient and ready to go!

Unfortunately, I have not taken pictures yet to show these items.  I will add pictures next week when I go back into the classroom.

On a side note, I encourage you to check out the Clutter Free Classroom blog that I have linked at the side.  Holy smokes does she have some great ideas!  Her classroom is beautiful and the organization is amazing!  Another great spot to check out is The Organized Teacher Blog.  She too loves to keep things clean and crisp - easy to find and organized to the max.  One last heads up is Runde's Room.  She has been posting all kinds of cute pictures and projects to spruce up her room for the year.

Getting ready to head to the Northern Neck for some beach combing and swimming for a few days.  I will be off line dreaming about future posts...

That's it for now...Gotta Run!

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