Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's talk about...the Line of Learning! of my favorite tools that I learned from FOSS is the Line of Learning.  This is another strategy that can cross curricular units and be used in math, social studies and even reading.  The idea behind this strategy is to let students add to their notebooks AFTER discussions, readings, investigations, etc...  It is often used after brainstorming sessions, KWL chars, characteristics of objects or sharing observations. 

How does this work?  After students have written their personal ideas in their notebooks for the day, they will draw a line of learning.  It is simply that...a line!

Then you will have a discussion time - either whole class, partner or group time.  During this time you will share what you learned, add content piece to a class chart or vocabulary words in a word bank.  The line of learning gives students time to add what they have learned from listening to peers, teachers or readings.
    Students who struggle with memory often find it very useful to have this time to reflect (metacognition) in their notebooks.  I have often had former students tell me how much that line of learning really helped them process and assimulate the content. 

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  1. Thanks for reminder! There are so many strategies that I forget about over time!