Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thinking about the new year....

Here we is August...the dog days of summer....I have rested, read, relaxed and am now eagerly thinking about the new year at school.  I secretly can't wait to get back in the classroom....even though I am happy to have three more weeks of down time first!  Don't you love going to Target and getting fresh supplies? I love the feel of a new notebook, new all seems like new.  New beginnings...fresh start....that's where I am right now!

On the other hand, I am also beginning to plan for the year with my team mates.  Where do we start? What is our focus? How do we want to begin?  We've decided to start with a short unit on "What is Science?" where we will introduce our science notebook and how to set up an experiment in a guided inquiry investigation.  Last year my teammate and I started the year with a mentos and soda blast off!  This year we are going to go a little further by having the kids design their own mento/soda investigation in small groups..

Stay tuned...more details to come!

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