Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Smokes - Earthquake in Virginia?

    Well today was supposed to be a last ditch effort to work in my room before official workdays begin next week.  It wasn't very productive...but it was interesting!  As I was eating lunch with my son, my buddy Stephanie and several teacher kids we heard a loud booming and the ground shook.  Now, we live near the Marine Base of Quantico where we often feel shaking from bombing or helicopters...but this was something WAY different.  I knew it was an earthquake right away.  Stephanie grabbed the kids and her chickfila sandwich and herded us out to the hallway.  The quake lasted about 2 minutes.  We were all sort of in shock and then the girls started crying.  Luckily it was over very fast...and we gathered with the others outside.

       We soon found out it was a 5.9 leveled Earthquake - epicenter about 45 minutes from our house.  I have lived here all my life and NEVER felt one was something I won't soon forget!  I have to say that I was glad no one got hurt, and there were only a handful of children in the building.  I can't imagine what it would have been like with a school full of children!!

      Here is the damage from my husband's PE room.  My son and his friend Chase found it during a walk through the school! 


Anyway, still hoping to get my first FREE item up at TPT today...Working on that in the next few minutes!



  1. I wondered what friends of mine were at HES today. I am glad Science Gal was on the scene :) and that school was not in session yet! The kids and I were here at our home in Hartwood and it was unnerving...thought the same thing about the occassional rumbles from Quantico too, at first. Had kids been there at school, this would have been kids under desks time, right? So many drills for various color codes and situations, I admit it didn't come to me as I searched my brain for what to do during those "seconds" that seemed more like minutes. Nobody hurt and Steph's Chick-Fil-A sandwich was saved, yes? LOVE your blog!

  2. Now every time Quantico is bombing the kids are going to panic :0)