Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Focus Questions

So what makes a good focus question for your science notebook?  Does it always have to be an investigable question?  My answer is ... not always..

     Most of the time my questions are investigable - "What conditions cause water to evaporate fastest?"  As explained in the FOSS science notebook folio (available to download on ) "focus questions determine the kinds of data to be collected and the procedures that will yield those data."  The FOSS program sets up all their investigations with a testable question that can be explored in a hands-on investigation.  However, when I have to veer from the program (yikes!) I always try to plan with my team mate a solid question to work off of...such as "What do you think will happen when the roller coaster tube changes direction?" or "How much water will the sponge soak up after three trials?"

     But sometimes, I do use a researchable question that may go with a nonfiction reading selection.  Sometimes we will spend a day reading an entry from a Delta Science Content Reader, a FOSS story, or a non-fiction article from a magazine.  Then, I may ask them to answer a question such as "What can you learn about soil from the reading today?" or a statement such as"Tell me 3 important facts you read, 2 important words you noticed and 1 one thought you are still wondering about". 

What are your thoughts about using Focus Questions in your notebooks?

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