Friday, August 12, 2011's Friday!  Time to relax over the weekend...hoping to go to the Northern Neck and relax at the rivah!  Sadly to say though, I have two sick may have to cancel. Oh well..that's the joy of motherhood.

    So I've been thinking about Data....I used to think data was always numbers - graphs, charts, equations, etc... But I have since learned that data is a way to show your thinking and keep track of your observations.  We all learn in different ways and so we need to make sure that we give our kids different methods of recording.

     Today I'd like to talk about DIAGRAMS!  Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to draw.  Back when I was in school, we never had hands-on experience with science, but if we had...I would have loved drawing scientific diagrams.  Perhaps then I wouldn't have had to take Physics twice, Coach Hoy!  Anyway,  FOSS has developed an acronym that I use to teach my kids about the expectations for diagrams and that is ABCD.

      A    Accurate
      B    Big
      C    Colorful
      D    Detailed

I have found these suggestions to be super kid friendly and also specific and clear for my students.  I'd like to share some samples from former students:

I think all three of these samples show how drawing can take your explanations to another level.  By the way, the sticky note on the first example shows an assessment of improvement...but assessment is for another blog!

     I hope you are enjoying the blog!  I am hoping to get some resources available for purchase by September in the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  I am working on our Mentos Kickoff first!  Also, still need as many "likes" as possible on facebook.  If you can, please "like" the site! 

Gotta Run!

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