Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet the newest class members...

I have been super busy getting ready for my class this week.  I am so happy to have some amazing live organisms this year.  Meet the Crayfish:  We have 12 crayfish and lots of elodea plants for oxygen and food.  They will also eat bologna and cat food!  The kids will observe them to learn the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations. 

And the bess beetles...these guys are super fun because they love to eat wood and leaves.  I found out one of my students loves the woods - so I put him in charge of bringing me in some dead wood and leaves to fill up their habitat right away!  The kids love to spray the habitat with a water bottle to give them the moisture they need.
I have another picture that shows what the habitat area looks like, but I am having a hard time inserting it so that it isn't sideways.  I am not sure why???

Anyway...I also wanted to share with you my lessonplan form...When I plan, I plan out the details...and I know some of you do too. 

My daily science plans have six components:
  1. Cumulative review activity
  2. Focus Question
  3. 10 minute instruction
  4. independent practice or group investigation
  5. reflection
  6. next steps

I like this format because it forces me to remember to review at the start and reflect at the close of the lesson.  I intend to leave the next steps portion empty as this is the place where I will add notes such as "not sure they get the difference between variable and constant yet" or other such observations.
I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks after I have taught my first few lessons using this plan. 

I will add this lesson plan to my documents link on the sidebar.  I am still trying to figure out ways to get direct links into my postings.

That's all for now! Remember ... this is the last day to download the mento's investigation for FREE. Tomorrow I will start charging $5 a copy. 

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