Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you use a class journal?

     After reading Betsy Fulweiler's book this summer, I was once again motivated to model, model, model how to write scientific thinking.  She suggests using a class journal as either a class chart or in a notebook on the document camera.  Why is this so important?

The newest Science Notebooking folio that was just released days ago from FOSS talks about  using a class notebook to showcase:
  • how to organize your notebook
  • how to set up a page - with focus question, data section, making sense of your data and reflection/conclusion
  • how to use a new strategy - like a T chart, a graph, a sentence frame or a diagram
  • they should NOT be used to copy directly what the teacher thinks - that is the same as the old fashioned teacher directed notes on a chalkboard
A teaching tip they include on the side state:

Use of the class notebook should
be thoughtfully timed. Doing a
class-notebook entry at the end of
an activity is helpful to teach the
components of a notebook, yet
allows you to see what students
do on their own. If you want
to model a specific notebook
strategy, use the class notebook
during the activity.

If you want to learn more about the newest 3rd Edition of FOSS (Full Option Science System) please check out the website at  The newest revisions are amazing! 

I will also add the latest FOSS science notebooking folio on my documents page.  It is FREE! 

That's all for now...Gotta run!

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