Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Links to Favorite Science Websites...

Gosh...don't you love good websites?  When thinking about this post, I decided to group the posts into websites for teachers (professional growth) and websites for students.  That way you can find what you are interested in quickly.

Teacher Sites:  I know I speak of this like I'm a groupie for the company (okay, I kinda am....) but this site is the BEST.  This has so much research based information on it that will, hands-down, make you a better teacher....not only in science, but in all subjects.

That being said:  the second one is .  This website has a ton of information on integrating literacy with science content.  I have used all of the strategy guides from this program and I love, love, love them.  The books, the philosophy, the questioning, the ideas for oral language....amazing to say the least.

Now, I will also share a few other sites that I go to from time to time to get information on science inquiry:

  • is a great place to watch videos of inquiry in action and to pick up some resources for your professional growth.
  • If you are not a member, this is a great organization to belong to. Not only are the conferences amazing, but the professional books and magazine (Science and Children) are awesome! There is a section called SciLinks that has some wonderful resources to use and everything is research based.
  • Where all the magic happens!  Go check this one out tonight.

Kids Sites:

Those are my six favorites! Enjoy!

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