Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picture Perfect

I found out today, by reading other's posts on that today is International Reading Day. So in keeping with the theme...I thought I would share another one of my favorite resources - Picture Perfect Science Lessons.  Do you know it? This is another MUST HAVE resource available through NSTA and also on Amazon. 

This book is based on the principal of using both non-fiction and fictional stories in your science classroom as a springboard or hook for inquiry lessons.  I get lost (because I am a geek when it comes to reading professional learning books!) in the beginning sections.  Authors Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan do an excellent job talking about inquiry science and the 5E's of lesson design as well as management tips and solutions. 

Then...they share with you around 12 lessons that use the 5E's to engage our students in an authentic science inquiry experience complete with worksheets, assessments and active learning.  They use books such as Sheep in a Jeep to teach simple machines and Magnetic Dog for magnets.

To find out more information I highly recommend you check out their website: 

My colleagues and I are using the Earthlets unit to teach inference skills next! We LOVE it! 

Gotta run....

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