Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday...a day of crafts??

Last Sunday I wrote a blog about some of my favorite cooking blogs as I was frantically searching for recipes for the week.  Today, my husband is making his famous chili and I am super excited to take my youngest to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. 

Soccer was cancelled due to a ton of rain yesterday! So we got a surprise free day....unfortunately, not until after it was too late to get ready for church! Anyway, we spent the morning putting out fall decorations...which got me thinking...I need some new stuff!

I did what I do best and googled around until I found a few sites.  Being a teacher it is often hard to carve out time for even though I will probably NOT have time to do any of these crafts, I did enjoy some time looking.  Here are my top five favorites:

1. This is from .  She has a ton of cute ideas that are simple and fun! Love it...I think I could actually do this one.

2..I love this woman!  First today she put a hilarious post that showed her kids on the first day of school vs. what they look like now a few weeks in! It made me laugh because it is so true!  Anyway...she is simple and fun.

  3.  How cute is this?  This is from .  I think this is so super cute! She also has some cute ideas for easy sticky note holders.  Really cute idea for your own child's teacher!

4.  With a name like Tatertots and Jello how could it not be something we would like?  This website has some things that are well past my ability...but it always makes me smile.

5. The last one to highlight today is...Whipperberry....
I can't tell if she just links up other people's stuff or if it is her own...but I love it!  Great place to find everything in one place.

Now I am done wasting time...It is time to go actually clean my house before we head out to the Pumpkin Patch...oh, and a shower would be nice.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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