Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crayfish time...

This week we have been knee deep in studying behavioral and structural adaptations in animals. We have watched video clips, looked a picture cards and played games.  We have (admittedly) been mixing and mashing from FOSS and Seeds of Science as well as some other resources.  But that's Virginia - our curriculum just doesn't always flow.

Today, we observed the real deal - a live crayfish. 

Taken from the unit "Structures of Life" by FOSS we spent some time with our crayfish.  We started by looking at the body in this book "Investigating Crayfish."   This book is an awesome story about testing the environment of the crayfish to see whether he prefers gray rocks (to match his color) or white rocks.  It also has an excellent example of a diagram of a crayfish.

I put it up on the document camera so that we could really see the names of the structures on our crayfish.  Then I introduced the real guys in small basins of water.  Each science group (four -five kids in each) got on crayfish and a recording sheet to observe BOTH structural and behavioral adaptations.  I will admit, I let this lesson last longer than my allotted 45 minute time slot...but it was so worth it!

The kids were so excited to observe them, touch them and watch them explore.  We have had them as 'class pets' for two months now, but something about getting them out of the habitat made it more exciting.

Here is the recording sheets.  We absolutely loved it!

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