Monday, October 31, 2011

Acid Candy Test

Wow...we had so much fun with this today! Thanks again to my friend Sherrie Roland for sharing this with me in a time of need!!!

First I read from the Seeds of Science book and YouTube video clips that I posted on the blog yesterday. Then we explored our candy!
 I bought a huge pack of Wonka candy.... with Nerds, BottleCaps, Sweet Tarts and Laffy Taffy in it.  We were able to see a reaction with all of the candy types except for the banana flavored Laffy Taffy.  I wonder if it wasn't sour enough?

The reason for the reaction?  Sour candy is made with citric acid from fruits like lime/lemons.  When you mix the candy diluted in water with baking soda, it emits a gas.  It only emits the gas if it encounters an acid.

We made a lot of observations - we noticed that a lot of the food coloring from the candy was diluted in the water.  We noticed that the baking soda sunk and made clumps on the candy.  We noticed many bubbles. Nerds made the most bubbles. 

 Here is how I set up the materials.  I put the baking soda in the bowl with three spoons.  I had a measuring cup with water in it and clear glasses.  I also put the collection of candy on the tray.   For listening purposes, we stated the directions one at a time:
1.  Get a clear cup
2. Pick your candy
3. Pour the water in (you may want an adult to do this)
4. Put in a spoonful of baking soda.
5. Watch and Observe

After it was completed, we graphed our results according to the candies chosen.  In this rotation, all the candies had a reaction.

It was a fun day!  I did this five times - with five different classes for our "Math/Science Day". 

Hope you will enjoy it too!


  1. Cool activity--thanks for linking up!! :D

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your acid test. Looks like everything reacted really well. I don't know if I've ever tried bottle caps--I'll have to raid the Halloween collection and test some. Pixy Stix and Warheads are also great for this experiment.

  3. Wow...I am so excited that the blog author for candy experiments commented on my post! Thanks for noticing...I hope you noticed that I gave you credit!


  4. TY for sharing this neat experiment. I will have to try it with my kinders. I love doing fun experiments with them.

  5. Just found this on Pinterest. Wow! So cool. I'm going to use this with my third graders for our class science fair project. I wonder if there is a scientific way to measure which candy is the most acidic?

  6. Just what I was looking for!!Need activities for our Winter Reading Program at the library - "Chews to Read." Perfect for our candy theme.