Saturday, June 9, 2012

Writing a book????

My good friend and fellow science nerd, Sherrie, and I are seriously considering writing a book this summer. Our idea is based on this blog as well as my other blog - we want to provide a framework for managing a creative and engaging classroom for the Upper Grades. We are working on our ideas now, but are thinking about these general topics:

Relationship Building
Class Management
Engaging Activities to motivate our preteens
Cross Curriculum ideas and strategies
Notebooking in all subjects

We envision a VERY teacher friendly book - complete with resources. What are some topics you think are important for the Upper Grades???

We would love some suggestions to get our brains going...

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  1. This might not apply to all, but Brain Breaks and incorporating movement into my class schedule are important to me as a 4th grade teacher. Behavior management would be another constantly-changing thing in my room. I think it's great that you're brave enough to do this. I think you will do wonderfully!