Monday, June 18, 2012

School is over....for now

We had our last day of school on was bittersweet as always.  I had a AMAZING group of students who loved to learn, a terrific group of parents who helped them learn and a fantastic group of team members who I truly love working with.  My wonderful principal is retiring...another sad moment.  She has created a school where the students come first, the teachers like each other (shocker!) and have become a professional learning community, and hard work is actually appreciated.  As we wait for the new leader to be announced, I consider myself blessed to have worked for Cathy Walker for 22 years.  I hope the next 10 or so years will be as wonderful as the first 22!  We will see...

So what are my plans this summer????

I am contemplating writing a book...I am definitely reading some professional books..and I plan to play a bit, too. One of the books that I plan to blog about (it seems like everyone is doing a book study this summer) is  Writing in Science in Action by Betsy Rupp Fulwiler. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a way to spruce up your science instruction.

Another one of my focuses for the summer will be to create some more lessons to place here on the blog to improve science education in your classrooms.  I am hoping to create a few in depth units for purchase as well as my usual freebies.  As always, they will be student centered and science notebook based.

On another note...when we started cleaning the room on Friday...guess who we found??? yes, Squirtle the Turtle!  He was hiding behind my desk...curled up in the computer cords.  (Very nicely camouflaged if I do say so myself!)

For now...I am taking a break while I clean out my classroom...See you soon!

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  1. I'm so glad you found Squirtle! I love having pets in the classroom. Our pet, Lola Bunny, is an extremely valuable member of our class. Even other teachers use Lola visiting privledges as a behavior incentive.