Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New FOSS interactive games...

Today my friend and Delta Education sales rep came to my school to show me some new goodies from FOSS.  First, the Smart Board resources are AMAZING....Let me just say, the entire lesson will flow as you use them to guide your lessons.  I CAN NOT wait to use them in the fall and purchase them for my teaching colleagues in my school!

Second:  the freebies!

    FOSS is known for it's interactive games that go with each module on their website.   I would like to showcase a different one for the next few blogs so that you can play with them at home!

This one comes from the new 3rd Edition Unit entitled "WATER".  The game is called Evaporation Station. This game allows you to manipulate variables on two sides of a scale to see which side will evaporate more quickly.  You can manipulate the temperature, the size of the containers holding the water and the cloud cover.  It is a great game that you can introduce whole class on your Smart Board, but the students can practice it individually in the computer lab or at home for homework.  It is fun and really shows how temperature, heat and container size does affect evaporation. 

Go play!


  1. We use Foss for second grade. When I followed your Foss link it took me to a page with Yndia based searches. Can you tell me where to find the Smartboard resources for FOSS? Thanks!

  2. You are correct! I accidentally messed up the .com with .org...ooops! Now it is fixed and ready to go! Do you like the Evaporation activity?