Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recommended Resource

I don't know about you...but I am always looking for a GREAT resource. I have found it! Laura Candler's new book Graphic Organizers for Reading. This books is amazing! Even though this is mainly a science blog, I wanted to share this book with you as a GREAT resource for reading across the content area.

Here are a few of my favorite parts of the book:

Graphic Organizers for Reading Book CoverFirst - Most graphic organizer books just give you the worksheets. Not this one...she explains HOW to use them using the "I do....We do...You do..." teaching method. She explains how to model correct usuage of the worksheet with sample lessons - all aligned to the Common Core standards for grades 2-6.

Another feature that I LOVE is that the graphic organizers are divided into two main sections: Multi-purpose and Information Text & Literature.

Wth the Multi-Purpose section she includes HOW to teach kids to choose the BEST graphic organizer, ways to introduce them in "FUN" catchy ways, sample lessons and sample sheets to see how kids might fill them in. These organizers can be used for more than just reading...these are great for SCIENCE too! They are full of T-charts, multi-column charts, Venn diagrams and more.

In the Informational Text and Literature section she suggests texts that would work well with the organizer, gives step-by-step techniques for teaching as well as the targeted reading strategies. We all need to DO science, but we also need to READ about science.  The Informational text is perfect for connecting reading skills to content area books - both trade books and text.

Finally...(I saved the best for last) are Laura's Tips. One of the reasons I love all of Laura Candler's products is because they are VERY TEACHER FRIENDLY. You can tell she is not just a researcher, but one who works with kids. Her tips are always spot on and just what you need to get you through a lesson.

The price is reasonable (under $25) and well worth it. There are enough graphic organizers to keep you busy all year! To learn more about it I recommend you go to this website to see more.

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