Monday, March 5, 2012

Static Electricity....

Do you teach static electricity?  The kids love it and can truly relate to it.   I found some great youtube videos to share....

                   This one shows rice krispies in a glass container. When the person rubs wool on top, the rice krispies jump up to the top due to the electric charge.
I like it because it shows the attraction the particle is easy to relate it to when you have static in your pants or when your hair stands up.  You can do an experiment in your classroom with balloons and paper scraps ( I like to use the circles from hole punches) to show the attraction at a station. 

This short video clip shows how lightening is really a giant static shock.  The kids can relate to this clip because we have all seen lightening and we all see or feel sparks at time when the air is dry!


  1. We just taught this! Steve Spangler's website has great static tubes. We used those and balloons for the kids to explore static electricity, and we also watched the BrainPop video to explain it a bit better!

  2. I am not getting any of the pictures on your post. What could I have done wrong?

  3. Did you ever figure out how to get the pictures? I think they are on the site correctly, but I may be wrong!