Sunday, March 11, 2012

Measurement - in science!

Boy, the blogs have been a-buzz with all types of measurement activities! Have you noticed?  Several years ago, we decided to teach our measurement standards through science.  We take our math standards and match them to our science inquiry standards and create a measurement unit. 

Of course, being the FOSS lover that I am, we use the Measurement kit. I love this kit because it provides hands-on explorations using the metric system in length, mass, capacity and temperature.  We start with a discrepant event - measuring desks using different sized straws to determine why we all need a standard unit of measurement.

Here are some FREE resources that you can use:

  • Two interactive "activities" - one called Freefrom measurement and one called Travel Games.  These are great to use on the smart board or at the computer lab.

  • science outdoorsUnder the section labeled Teachers and Parents you will find quite a few free goodies.  Now that it is spring, and the weather is nicer, it is the perfect time to take FOSS and science outdoors.  Here you wil find several lesson plans involving measurement in nature!
You can also view and download up to 25 duplication masters - including a newsletter for parents and a few investigation sheets. 

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