Saturday, March 3, 2012

Connecting Art and Science

I was asked to preview a new product from Delta education that integrates science and art.  It is called WeExplore! art kits.  The kit came with enough materials for twenty four students to create door knob holders to remind family members to turn off the lights and conserve electricity.   The whole kit includes a CD with activities linked to the Delta Science Readers Electricity and Magnetism.
These books are a great resource because the have the same text in a purple and red edition.  One set is on grade level and the other is below grade level.  The students get the same information, just geared to their reading level!

The project:

We started by brainstorming what types of sayings we could include on our door signs. Katie came up with 'Save the E' which I loved...very catchy. I  then passed out the new markers, sticker sheets and stencils and the doorknob signs and let the students go to town.  The examples made match each students personality and expression.

Take a look!

Nice art activity that tied into our curriculum as well. 

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