Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More mentos extensions...

Last week we finished up with our group experiments.  The students were able to pick a constant and change a variable.  The results were interesting....some went off really well while others caused no reaction.

For now, we are leaving this inquiry unit to move into a new phase...exploring space!  I am hoping to come back and explore mentos throughout the year with a few new toys educational products from Steve Spangler

Have you seen???

The Geyser Rocket car?  How much fun would that be to test and explore???  I am thinking of bringing this back when we do force and motion later this year...It is only $24.95.

Geyser Rocket Car

The next product that I love is the depth charger.  He has created a way to drop other substances into your baking powder, rock salt, etc... Make sure you check with your county guidelines first and always use safety goggles. This sells for $9.95.

Finally, there is a new cap to screw on the geyser tube to see if the shape of the hole will make a difference. You can buy them separately or in the big bucket of great geyser kit.
There is so much to do and so many ways to explore that you can keep it going all year!

Extreme Mentos Geysers Kit


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