Monday, September 17, 2012

mentos - day one

Boy oh boy do I love this lesson every year!  It is so much fun for both the students and the adults!

 Most everyone has watched a youtube clip on this one. They know it's going to explode soda all over the place.  So instead of saying what do you think will happen, we focus on observing what does happen.

If you haven't seen the clip...go watch it! Show it to your kids too... they love it!  This is the original Steve Spangler clip.

Focus Question: What will you notice when we mix diet coke and mentos?

Then we take the kids down to the black top where they can watch two demonstrations. We set up the guidelines first so that they are expecting it and they don't run and scream when it happens!

It is super cool!

When it is done we do it a second time and discuss what we hear, what we saw, how high does it go, what direction does it explode in, how much soda is left,  what do we wonder next....

Then we return to the room where we write this up in our notebooks.

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  1. I don't teach science, but I love this one as well! :)