Saturday, September 1, 2012

A peek into my classroom....

Well, I'm officially back at work.  This work week was a whirl wind of meetings, setting up my room, writing names...names...names..., planning with my team, back to school night, meeting the kids and the parents, visiting with old students, and prepping for the first week... Phew, I am exhausted and it hasn't even started!  It is a good exhausted, know what it feels like!

I thought I would simply share some photo's of my classroom for those of you who may be curious.

Class door sets the tone...
This is my classroom library and meeting area.  This year I have three area rugs for my students to sit on so they won't be on the tile.  I have my seat crates there, my question of the day, my smartboard, my schedule and small whiteboard, my rocking chair and cute space curtains!  My desk is next to this area (no photo).

Continuing along this wall is my Va. Studies bulletin board and clipboard collection spot.  I also have a writing area where I will post anchor charts (thanks ClutterFreeClassroom!) and materials spot.
Next you can see the small group area as well as bulletin board where I will keep reading ancho charts.  There is also a student computer and poster cabinet where I keep cubbies on top of it.
Along the back wall are my cabinets.  That is where I store my stuff!  I also have a spot for the kids to sign in for lunch, get nurse notes and bandaids, post pocket charts with science words and sentence starters and homework.  And of course, there is my turtle!
Kiddos come on Monday...hope I am ready!


  1. Looks like you're ready :)
    Your room looks very organized! I love it!!

    Hope you have a great first day!

    One Class, One Sound

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  3. VERY organized room! Hope you had a great week. :)