Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mentos - day two

Today the students walked in and saw this on the science table.
By the way that is a picture of me and one of my colleagues (Heather Howe) with Steve Spangler. 

This sets up the excitement for scienc today!

Today we are teaching about variables and constants.  What better way, right???
So we teach them that we will keep the # of mentos the same (constant) and we will change the type of soda (variable).  These are some of the sodas that the children chose to experiement with yesterday in their exit tickets.

So again, we traipse on down to the black top and we let 'er rip!

Again we discuss the changes as well as the similarities before going back into the school to record our data. 
But now...we start comparing the two types of soda and noticing what happens when we change a variable...
Since we are still at the beginning of the year, my feedback was short and sweet...To find out more about this unit and get the detailed lesson plans and printables, you can visit my TPT store for this product.