Sunday, August 12, 2012 what's next?

Awards EmblemI need to ask for some support from my followers...I am nominated for a great award. This award is for the most fascinating blog of 2012 - Science Teacher.  The voting takes place Aug 13-Aug 20th (and actually includes a prize!)  If you like my blog, please take some time and vote for me this week!  Just click here and follow the directions!

Now, on to the work at hand...

Organization...has never been my strongest suit....However, I know that without a carefully crafted plan, my classroom will fall apart.  (The same is true for my home by the way...but with two boys and dog and a husband I can NOT keep it together to save my life. That's a whole 'nother story!)

I talked about the need for TUBS and TRAYS.  So what do you do with those tubs and trays?

At the end of school each day, I review my lessons for the next day.  I PREP the materials ahead of time (yes, I did just say ahead of time!) - putting the supplies they will need for the lesson in a plastic bag with their group number on it. 

When it is time for science the children get into their designated science groups
I have pre-selected students for groups.  These groups are heterogeneous in nature - two boys and two girls if possible.  I usually have 6 groups total (6 X 4 = 24 kids). 
Each child in the group is assigned a color - red, yellow, green or blue. 

These colors are matched to cooperative group jobs - Getter 1 (they get the materials), Getter 2 (they put the materials away), Starter (they are the first to start the activity) and Reporter (they will share out with the group).  The best part of this system is that the jobs rotate daily. So, everyone gets a chance to do the various jobs often.

  Trust me it really helps to be prepared (PREP is the first part of prepared!) and planned.  The 20 minutes you put in the end of the day, makes the lesson itself run smoothly....

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