Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exit Cards

Today I am posting a little resource I put together on Exit cards. I am calling it "Exit Cards 101" and it is geared to science classrooms...although it can be adapted for any subject.   This is not a new resource, some of you may have already seen it.  But for those of you who have not seen it is.

Why use exit cards?

One of the biggest indicators as to whether students actually "got" what we taught can be determined by using a reflective piece at the end of a lesson.  Exit cards allow you to see if the students have any questions, misconceptions or have a solid understanding.  They allow you to spot teach, review or go on with no worries! 

It is available for FREE for all you guys out there to use and share with your colleagues.

Thanks guys!

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  1. Thank you for the exit cards. Science is the subject that I consistently use exit tickets. I especially like the card you shared where the children rate their participation. Thanks again!