Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison: Inventor with a Lot of Bright IdeasThomas Edison is another famous scientist that we teach about in Fourth Grade.  I like him, too...for different reasons than Ben Franklin. For one, did you know he was probably either ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum? He also had a hearing disabililty. He did not speak until age 4 and was not liked by his teachers.  Why?  All he wanted to do was ask questions and take things apart!  He would fit in nicely with today's children. 
Luckily, Thomas Edison had good parents who supported him at home.  They helped him get plenty of books to read and he was allowed to take things apart. When I teach about him, I make sure that I mention his less than perfect start.  All kids need to see role models, and he has some great qualities to introduce to our kids.
The other thing I like about him is his spirit of invention! 

I usually use a picture book to introduce Thomas Edison. However, this year I am using a new source that I love!  Delta Education sells this graphic novel for the computer for $17.95.   I can't wait to project it on the big screen with my projector cart and engage my students as it reads aloud and highlights text for the students to follow! 

 I have provided a FREE worksheet that allows you to note his contribution (the light bulb) as well as his story of overcoming obstacles.  There is a spot at the bottom to brainstorm a quick write about your own possible invention. Click on the worksheet to grab for free!

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