Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hibernation for Squirtle

Who would have thought that my turtle would go into hiberation???

It happened shortly after we got him. He stopped eating and started gaining fat pockets around his legs. He became inactive and I got worried....So, I took him to Pet Smart and spoke with the reptile specialist who had helped me purchase him. Sure enough...he had gone into hibernation!

Why? Well it is cold in my classroom! Our county decided to regulate our temperatures in the classroom at a cooler temperature. They turn the heat off on the weekends, too! My students are always chilly and I guess it was too cold for Squirtle.

Some observations we have made....he doesn't completely sleep. He does move around a tiny bit, but not much. He likes to stay in the water more often now.

More updates will follow...

By the way, Pets in the Classroom have put my blog post on thier website.  Super excited - go and see it!

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