Monday, January 9, 2012


JigSaw Reading Strategy....

      I try to balance investigation with content knowledge in my classroom. Let's face it, sometimes you have to read a book to get the knowledge you need to connect to the investigation, right? But there are effective ways to use a text book and ineffective ways.  One of my favorite ways to use nonfiction text is by using the JigSaw method.

This is how it works: 

1.  First you need to read the text to make sure it covers what you want your students to know. 

2.  I picked these four sections -

Pushes and Pulls, Friction, Position & Motion, Acceleration

3.  Next, I prepare four chart papers with the title and the page numbers at the top of each.
Put one chart paper and one book at each table.  Give each group a different colored marker to use - group 1 red, group 2 blue, group 3 green, group 4 orange.

4. Finally, give the kids about 5 minutes at each table to read the section and record at least one important thing they learned.  Try not to repeat each other.  After 10 minutes, switch to the next poster and repeat the process.
5.  After every group has read and recorded the key ideas, have the final group share the poster they just completed.  Make sure they read all the ideas.

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  1. This is a great idea! I have tried a couple variations of this in my class and I am excited to try this one! Thanks for sharing!
    To The Square Inch