Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to introduce Force and Motion?

Today we are starting a new unit on Force and Motion.  I start by having them turn in their science notebook page to the next clean page and write a title page – Force and Motion.  Then they need to go to the table of contents to place what number this new unit starts on. 

            What do you know about Force and Motion? I believe one of the best ways of knowing what kids are actually thinking is to ask them what they already know (or think they know).
 I will Pass out 12 X 18 paper  to each table (four sheets total) and have the kids brainstorm what they know about force and motion.  They will work on this for about 15 minutes and then have each group share out what they know.
            What am I looking for?  I am looking to see if students remember that a force is either a push or a pull, simple machines can make the work easier, that motion is a change in position of an object with respect to time and acurate examples of force and motion in their lives.
            What else am I looking for?  I am looking for misconceptions, misunderstandings and ideas that need to be corrected before we can go further. 

            For last 10 minutes, have the kids draw pictures around the title in their notebook to show ideas about force and motion.

* I wish I had samples to show, but am home on surgery leave still so have no access to student work.  Only a few more days at home....yay.

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