Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exploring with Rollercoaster tubes

What can we learn about force and motion by creating our own roller coasters?

Today, students will work in their science groups.  Getter one will get the materials – tube, a cup, tape and a marble. The cup is important because it catches the marble at the end of the run.   The starter will begin to explore with the tubes for a while to see what the group can do… Can they make a loop? A curve? A drop? 

           Extend:  Pass out a challenge sheet (from More Picture Perfect Science lessons)  with several challenges to attempt to try in their exploration. Can you move a marble to the cup using one loop? a twist? etc???  Getter two will clean up when the time is over and the Reporter will share what the group was able to do.  The science jobs is an extremely important part of any cooperative group activity because roles are defined and arguing over who does what is not an issue. 


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  2. This is awesome! You are the best science teacher ever! I'm sure your kids love your class!
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