Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wow! What a trip!

Have you ever had a trip that left you breathless?  My trip to San Francisco is one that did...besides the usual sight seeing trips to the Golden Gate bridges, Fishermen's Wharf, and more I was able to visit Napa, Muir Woods and Sonoma.

 Have you ever been to a Redwood Forest? The majestic trees were awe inspiring, the mountain and valley views on the trip up there were magnificent.  Napa.....was pure beauty.  The weather was perfect, the air smelled so clean, the fog was fantastic!  Did I mention we rented a convertible?  That's the only way to go!  We stopped at a petrified forest, and even saw Old Faithful of California. This Virginia gal was in heaven!!!

One more funny thing happened while I was in Berkeley.  We happened to be staying at the same hotel as the Real Madrid soccer team.  Can I say the most FAMOUS soccer team in the WORLD?  (Not to mention....extremely good looking!) We played paparazzi for a while and took some great pictures.  It was very EXCITING.

But of course the real reason we were there was to get some training in FOSS 3rd edition.  Going to the Lawrence Hall of Science at U Cal Berkeley was a life, long dream.  This, my friends, is the birthplace of greatness....where GEMS was created, Seeds of Science, and FOSS.

First, I must mention the view.  The Hall is located on top of a mountain and the views of San Francisco are amazing. I told one of the instructors that I would never get any work done, because I would be so distracted gazing at the view. (By the way, that's not my hair sticking up, but a plant in the background!)

We spent three days learning about FOSS 3rd edition and the upcoming additions based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Can I say, phenomenal?  I am still wrapping my mind about everything I learned and am not quite ready to blog about it....yet.  As soon as I am, I will roll out another blog.

My new friends....Marty and Sarah with my bestie Sherrie. 

Until later....


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