Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bucket List

I have been looking at pictures from this past year and realized I did not take as many pictures of the work we were doing in the classroom.  Have you ever had one of those years that was just "off"? For me that is how I would describe last year.  Now, let me start by saying - It wasn't the kids.  The kids were typical, fun loving fourth graders.  We had a blast learning, growing, building, creating and ... yes, they even scored well on the end of year tests.  It was me.  First, the school year was choppy with snow days and polar vortex days.  Second, my teenager was struggling in school - that was hard on the whole family! Third, morale was down in my school and district due to a new teacher evaluation system and lack of funding/raises and more. So what did I take pictures of? My family.

As I looked at them, I saw great photos of family gatherings.  My husband holding my four year old  nephew upside down!  My son playing soccer and eating ice cream.  My teenager in marching band and on the kayak.  My dog playing with toys and looking adorable!  My friends were doing silly things with props, at pool parties, at school events and more.  This made me feel happy.

Tomorrow I am leaving on a trip of a lifetime!  I am going to San Francisco with one of my closest, silliest friends.  We are going to the Lawrence Hall of Science where FOSS is headquartered.  I am so excited to do this!  Yes, I will have three days of training...but I am also going to have some FUN...biking across the Golden Gate bridge, visiting Pier 39, tasting some delicious wine in Napa, and visiting the Redwoods at Muir Park.

Don't worry, next year I will get back on track...documenting my science instruction with a literacy emphasis. But for the next few weeks, I will enjoy my time with family and friends...and FOSS!


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  1. We all have those years. I've had several. Have fun at FOSS training. I just came back from the Sally Ride Science conference in San Diego. It was pretty awesome as well!

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