Sunday, July 15, 2012

Class Theme to start the year

I have debated between turtles and space all summer...I love my turtle and so do the kids. I had thought....Slow and Steady wins the race.... but today...I definitely settled on space.

 First of is the first science unit we will teach this year.  It hooks the students and gets them excited about school.  We had even made up this cute bulletin board that I found last summer from Clutter Free Classroom.  She had found it from this link for bulletin board design.

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We also have these blow up planets and Mrs. Fultz had a great idea I saw on Pinterest.. I could do that!

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Second...I found a bunch of stuff at TARGET!

I was wasting time while waiting for a ZPak prescription (yes, I have an upper respiratory infection in the SUMMER...not fair!)...and I happened across this:

It was a bulletin board set with the planets and rockets..for $2.50.

Next I found....rocket & planet shapes (for $2) as well as window clings ($2).  They were all in primary colors which are the colors I use year round in my class.  I also found my $1 spot pocket charts in red, green, & blue as well as cute hanging pompoms and a banner in the party section.

Yesterday I had found a great picture on pinterest using these shapes for a Wonder Spot.  I found these at the $1 spot and bought four of them..I intend to use them for what do you wonder about math? reading? social studies? science?
Kids can write on them when they have a wonder and we can use them all year long! it is!  Looking forward to setting up my classroom in a few weeks.

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  1. There are so many possibilities with space. Good choice!