Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bald Eagles

Here it is!  My first installment for the summer of my Animal Resources.  This one is about Bald Eagles.  I chose the eagle for many reasons.  The first is is our national bird and this week is our celebration of our American Independance...the Fourth of July!  Second is because I have a home on the river (or rivah as we say in Virginia) where I daily observe a family of eagles fishing. The third reason is because it was my college mascot...go Mary Washington Eagles!

Here are some of my favorite resources to help your students learn more about the Bald Eagle.

Websites to find out more information and hear an eagle sound:  All About Birds

Eagle Cams: This site is no longer active but has many awesome clips that were taken this spring in Richmond, Virginia.

Children's Books to read aloud to your kids. You can purchase them on Amazon, or do like I do and check them out from the public library.

Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

by Gordon Morrison

A Bald Eagle's World (Caroline Arnold's Animals)

You Tube Clip

My FREE resource: Bald Eagles and the Food Chain

My Cheap Resource ($1.00) Includes the resource above along with resources to explore:  habitat, food webs, human impact, measurements, structural adaptations, behavioral adaptations and vocab cards.

Hope you enjoy learning about EAGLES....

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad I found your blog!