Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Roller Coaster Extensions

Roller coaster have read that I begin my force and motion unit using the lessons created by Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan in More Picture Perfect Science Lessons.  But what comes next?  I felt like I needed to extend the unit more - to cover other concepts besides pushes and pulls.

First, I wanted students to test and explore how to increase a marble's speed by changing the hill height.
Next, I wanted students to explore what happens when you change the mass of the marble. 

So we used four different marble sized balls - one of play dough, one with texture and one metal ball bearing.

We weighed the mass of each ball before we experimented on our roller coaster tubes. The children were able to record true data that measured time and mass.

But what next???? I wanted students to learn how to write better conclusions, so I created several cards with their individual conclusions.  The students were able to analyze the responses and decide which were clear, which were confusing and how they could make it better.

After that, I integrated writing by having the students write directions for how to create a roller coaster and to describe the motion of the marble. I also had them draw a diagram showing the forces and motions labeled on the design.

I have created these extensions in a document to sell on TPT.  If you would like them, please visit the store!


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