Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ecology Club...discovering forests

I have loved working with my after school group of naturalists.  We have become immersed in our Nature newest passion from the blog Handbook of Nature Study. 

Today was our final meeting and we spent time once again observing the forest outside.  We started with a clip from YouTube:  Planted Earth - Seasonal Forests.

We then created mini field guides from the UK site Nature Detectives.  I printed off a copy of the mini beasts picture sort and glued them into our Nature Journals.  
We prepared to go into the woods in search of insects!

We took:  our Nature Journals, colored pencils, our "sit spot", bug boxes, tweezers and magnifying glasses.

Our sit spot is a square cut from a clear plastic shower curtain. It is great for sitting down on the wet ground for a long period of time!

We found interesting plants and insects to sketch in our journals.

We love to wander deeper in the woods in search of bugs and plants....

Success!  We collected ants, spiders, saw a tick and a dragonfly as well as a lovely white butterfly.

Come back soon to see samples of drawings from our Nature Journals.

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