Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Capacity continued...

Gallon Robot to the RescueAfter we went outside and actually measured liquid volume, we learned how to remember conversions.  There are many ways to do this...Of course you know about Gallon Man.  Have you seen Laura Candler's new Gallon Robot? This is a great new take on Gallon man.  I like how she breaks down cups into ounces as well.  She also includes several games, word problems and practice items using Gallon Man.

We use gallon man in third grade and so we moved on to the Big G instead.

I like this version for us in fourth grade fits in nicely with our multiplication concepts as well as fractions. 
It is also something that students can remember and reproduce on scratch paper for state testing.  They can draw this easily and then use this when they have problems with conversion on the test. 
We took our measurement from yesterday and found out if our tubs held a gallon or not.  We were able to use our data to figure out conversions in a meaningful way.
We also played several games that I bought from others on Teacher's Pay Teachers... 
Measuring with Furry Friends Game Pack
as well as many activities in Measurement Problem Based Unit Measurement Problem Based Unit (also by Amber Polk) 
Enjoy your is raining here...