Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clouds in the sky...oh my!

Product DetailsI just love to look at the clouds....laying on my back and staring overhead for hours at the shapes in the sky....One of my favorite books is It Looked Like Spilt Milk  .  This book take the imagination route of looking at white shapes and imagining they are a birthday cake, a tree, a bunny...but all in all they are just a cloud in the sky.  This book is a great hook at any age!

With my Seeds of Science Weather and Water unit, we spend a lot of time looking at cloud cover and analyzing what type of precipitation they create.  We learn where these cloud form in the sky and how much humidity is involved in each one.

But eventually, we need to learn the official names of the clouds for our Virginia SOLS.  So I created a matching game where the kids have to match the picture and name to the description of the cloud.

You can download it for FREE in the Google Docs page.

Also, one of my "fans" took the what do you wonder about weather and turned it into a PowerPoint.  You can also download it for FREE in the Google Docs Page on the side.

To find the Google Docs - it is on the side bar....scroll down....Under the Teacher's Pay Teachers link and above Education Journey. Good luck!


  1. Hi! I absolutely love your blog and I am finally commenting!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your awesome science resources!!


  2. It sounds like a great game! But I just don't see the link for the Google docs! I must be blind....
    Heidi Butkus

  3. Heidi - I posted a way to find it better...It is on the side under the Teachers Pay Teachers link. Hope you find it!