Sunday, November 6, 2011

Math Science Night

What a crazy week I've had...Phew! First we had Halloween, then we had Math/Science night at our school.  Speaking of Math & Science night, what do you do at your school?

We have several things going on:

First, our 5th graders display their science fair projects. Over the years, we have changed our approach from a home-based project (where usually parents research and plan it!) to a cooperative group inschool project.  The students worked in groups of threes to choose an idea to test.  Then they planned it, tested it and wrote it up according to the "Scientific Method."  Now, with Nature of Science becoming more of a factor than the lock-step scientific method, I am sure they will change again to take on an even more child centered approach.  Here are some pictures of a few projects.  Can't you tell they were done by students?  I love them!

Next we have the Science Club Display.  This includes all the finished products from our EarthQuake club.  The two leveled Duct tape house is my favorite! The students also made posters to describe what they built and how it worked.  We also had toothpicks and marshmallows for the students to build and test their own structures on the Earthquake table.  It was a huge hit!  Thanks to my colleague Kristin for manning the table!  I think she had a sore arm when she was through!

Finally, we had math games and Science activities.  Some science activities included making butter, making flubber, making "fireworks" by mixing oil and water, spinning ghosts and testing candy for acid.  It was a successful night for all! 

How do you run your math science night? I'd love to know!

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